Mini Santa Claus Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Hi loves! We are very happy to have you here with us one more day, to learn another pattern. Feeling the Christmas mood approaching, we couldn’t stay out. In the next few weeks, our patterns will be to help you create and come up with new Christmas ideas. And there’s nothing better than starting with him, the Mini Santa Claus Amigurumi. See how cute this pattern is. 

A mini amigurumi that you can use to decorate the environment, use as an ornament on the Christmas tree and even add a keychain and carry the mini Santa around. Amigurumis are gaining more and more space in decorations, whether in the little ones’ room, on themed dates or even collections. Many people like to collect movie characters, superheroes, and this can be a new way for you to earn extra money. 

Children love amigurumis and the mini santa claus will be no different. Crochet has gained even more prominence in recent years, many found it a source of distraction, relaxation. If you also like to crochet as a form of therapy, mini amigurumis are perfect for you. A quick piece to make, that doesn’t need a lot of material, just attention to detail.

Mini Santa Claus Pattern

To make this pattern, here are the materials needed. Value for the quality of the yarn you will choose. They are not necessarily the most expensive you can find. For those used to making rugs and blankets, the yarns for amigurumi are a little thinner.

  • 2mm crochet hook;
  • 3ply 100% cotton yarn in 4 different colors (red, black, white and beige);
  • stuffing material;
  • scissors;
  • Sewing needles for the eyes;
  • Or, you can use safety eyes; the position is at the end of this post;
  • Finish Size: 11cm.

Ready to start crocheting? The complete pattern can be found at Little Crochet Farm. Read all rounds first before starting. See if you understand the stitches you will need and test them a few times to feel more confident. Crocheting is wonderful because it allows us to make and redo the same round with the same material. Tell us what you think here in the comments. Let’s make Christmas even more special by crocheting the mini santa claus.