Pokemon Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Hi everyone! Today we are going to learn some amigurumi models. That they arrived for everyone, we already know, but you are not prepared for the cuteness of Pokemon Amigurumi. I want to do one of each, at least, and I won’t suffer alone. That’s why I came to share, so you guys can also be anxious and crazy to crochet. Crocheting is an art, extremely relaxing. This technique is quite old.

The first time you must have heard about it was from your grandmother, your mother. Here it was like that. I learned to crochet after watching my mom do it every day. Have you ever stopped to think how amazing it is to transform a simple yarn into such a beautiful piece? Yes, that’s what you do. For these reasons that I like to remember: if you sell your crochet pieces, charge the right price.

Remember that you are going to choose quality materials, you are going to commit all your technique and dedication to this pattern. If we don’t value our work, nobody will. I know it takes a while for this key to turn, but with time it will come. Amigurumis are here to stay and are increasingly popular. I find it very difficult to end this fever, because the models are updated and become even more successful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Derpy Monster

Pokemon Amigurumi Patterns

The pokemon is a drawing that is very successful and not only among children. These models are perfect to make and leave exposed in some room. Yes, make a collection. Here’s a really cool tip to sell, you can make kits with three, four characters. On themed birthdays, why not make it as a souvenir? You can put it on a keychain, it will look great. Not to mention the success it will have with the kids.

Do not be surprised if the little ones want to change the decoration of the room and leave only the pokemon in the environment. In Derpy Monster you will find the pokemon amigurumi pattern. Take a look, see what you like best. If you’re starting now, it might be easier to start with those that don’t have a lot of details, like pokeball. And not only decorative items, there are caps too, one more beautiful than the other. Then come back and tell us what you think, I want to know which one you’re going to start with.