Rudolph Reindeer Crochet – Free Pattern

Hello loves! How are you? We hope all is well there. Are you able to crochet during the week? I must confess that this week was more busy around here, I couldn’t make all the models we separated. But in the next few days, without much charge, things are getting organized and I can get everything up to date. And that’s what crafts are, a moment of leisure, free of charge. 

Ready to crochet this weekend? It’s always a good idea to start preparing your holiday decorations a few months in advance. Even more so when we talk about Christmas, such a special date with a lot of decoration items. With that in mind, we brought Rudolph Reindeer, an incredible, delicate and super cute pattern. It’s another amigurumi that we bring to complete the whole Christmas class. 

These models are small, perfect for those who want a different ornament to put on their Christmas tree. You can even make them as a keyring, just buy the ring. And this is one of the coolest things about crochet, we were able to adapt it to different pieces and it looks amazing. If you still don’t know this technique, stay here with us until the end to learn.

For almost all crochet patterns we need the same list of materials. What can change is the crochet hook and details that change from one piece to another. The needle depends a lot on the yarn chosen. For the amigurumis, we use a thinner type of yarn than we are used to choosing to make rugs and blankets. To make rudolph reindeer, below we have the list of what we need.

Rudolph Reindeer Amigurumi Pattern

  • 2mm crochet hook;
  • 3ply 100% cotton yarn in 5 different colors (light and dark brown, green, red and yellow);
  • stuffing material;
  • scissors;
  • Sewing needles for the eyes, or, you can use safety eyes.

The pattern with the description of the rounds is available at Little Crochet Farm. If you are more used to learning with the video tutorial, in the same link you will find the instructions. See it for a first time before starting to crochet. This pattern is very cute and is sure to be a hit around. Needing to earn some extra cash now at the end of the year? Make kits with several amigurumis and offer. Then tell us here in the comments how it went. Let’s crochet!