Snowman Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey loves! Another beautiful week is starting and we are very happy to have you here with us. Remember we were making a beautiful collection of amigurumis for Christmas? Today we are going to learn about another member, Snowman Amigurumi. These amigurumis are very cute, one more friendly than the other and best of all, they are not difficult to make. 

Can you believe this is all crocheted? The diversity that this technique provides us is incredible. We can make blankets, rugs, table rail, cushion cover, and decorative pieces. And all this from simple stitches. Yes, some patterns are more difficult than others, but none are impossible. With a little practice every day and a willingness to learn, you will rock this technique and we are here to evolve along with you. 

Amigurumis have become even more popular in recent years and are very successful wherever they go. They look beautiful decorating the little ones room, being decoration items or toy for the little ones. Many people make placements and the themes are always the most sought after. It’s also like this with Christmas, even more so on such an important date. Being able to decorate our house to receive people we love is priceless. We were even more excited to make everything beautiful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Amigurumi Today

Snowman Amigurumi Pattern

Let’s talk about the materials you will need. Crocheting is a “cheap” technique because it doesn’t need a lot of materials and some even last a long time. To make the snowman amigurumi you will need:

  • Super fine 100% acrylic yarn (200m/50g) in white, red, green, brown and orange colors;
  • 2.0 mm crochet hook;
  • fiberfill;
  • 9 mm safety eyes;
  • scissors and sewing needle.

Some yarns are used just to make details, it needs little. If you’re already doing the whole Christmas class, see if there’s any leftovers and enjoy the snowman. Any savings are most welcome. Come check out the complete pattern available at Amigurumi Today. Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments. And if, after reading the pattern, you have any doubts, let us know too. We are here to help each other.