Hide-Away Crochet Sofa – Free Pattern

Hello my dears! Ready to learn some more crochet? This wonderful technique has been present in our days for a long time. Sometimes we don’t even realize how common it has become, but we always see a coat, a blanket, a scarf, a crochet decoration item. This handcraft technique is timeless and with each passing day, more modern items are created from a yarn and a crochet hook.

Thinking of a piece that is useful in your daily life, let’s learn how to make the Hide-Away Crochet Sofa. It is very common to see these pieces on the backs of sofas, but it is not always crochet. This model is very beautiful and you can make it any size you want. In addition to being useful for storing magazines and remote control, you protect the back of the sofa.

It’s much easier to wash the hide-away crochet sofa than the entire sofa, right? As for the colors, you can do it with a yarn color similar to the sofa. It is very discreet and, if it weren’t for the pockets, it is almost imperceptible. But not only that, you can do it with sober colors or vibrant colors. You can even combine with items from the decoration of the environment, paintings, blankets, ornaments.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

Choose a yarn that is strong and of good quality. Keep in mind that the size of the hide-away crochet sofa should pass the backrest and come close to the seat. Remember that you should not put very heavy items in the pockets, so as not to stretch and end up damaging the piece. You can find the complete pattern in Yarnspiration, with measurements, abbreviations to understand the step by step and yarns indications.

It’s a great gift option and it’s easy to sell because it’s a useful piece and easy to maintain. We hope you like it and get inspired to keep crocheting. This craft is so wonderful, with many different functions and models. Tell us here in the comments what you think. We look forward to seeing many hide-away crochet sofas out there.