Jute Crochet Placemats – Free Pattern

Who doesn’t like to eat at a beautiful and well-decorated table? For this we think of all the details. Choice of glasses, plates, cutlery. There is also a detail that makes this experience an even more pleasant and attractive meal, the placemat. Whether to make the everyday table more beautiful or for special events, the placemat can make all the difference.

They are not very big pieces. They have a very important function, to protect the table from scratches and scratches. In addition to guaranteeing a reception full of refinement to your guests. Protects the table from stains, serves as a base when changing dishes at meal and also helps in decorating the dining table.

The placemat must always be bigger than the plate, after all, it is there to protect the tablecloth and, of course, its beauty gives a special touch to the decoration. You can make it in various colors, with themes for special dates too. When making them, make as many seats as you have at the table.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Petals to Picots

Make kit with the same color, same theme. Thus, the entire table has the same decoration, harmonizing with the date to be celebrated. It’s a great gift option too, decor items like these never hurt. The complete pattern is available from Petals to Picots. There you will find the step by step, graphic and list of materials.

Remember the wires are suggestions, as are the colors. Choose the ones you like the most and get to work. Tell us what you think of the pattern and what it was like to make such beautiful pieces. We are very happy to be able to bring different patterns to you. Whether it’s decoration items, clothes. I hope you can feel all our dedication and be inspired more and more. We wish you a great weekend, with lots of crafts!