Round in Circles Wall Hanging – Crochet Pattern

Nowadays we can use crochet in many different pieces, to decorate the environment, clothes, accessories. It’s not just now that crochet has become a big trend. Passed from generation to generation, crochet never falls into disuse because it is timeless, and also because it is easy to adapt it to the current.

If used creatively, it can warm up in winter, add color and texture to environments, add a personal touch to the contemporary, be part of a more minimalist choice or renew the energy and look of boring furniture. Round in circles is a beautiful wall hanging model that is perfect for decorating different rooms. Feel free to change the colors of the pattern to the ones you like best or match the environment.

This type of piece brings a lot of sophistication to the decoration of the environment. You can look for references on the internet that will help you on how to match the rest of the furniture. As it is a piece built in parts, you can practice a little every day, making the circles little by little. I have a bag with yarn, crochet needle and scissors that I always take with me everywhere.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

That way I can practice while I’m waiting in line, waiting for an appointment. The important thing is to make the most of our time. If you want to evolve and be able to make more beautiful pieces every day, it’s important to practice. If you are new to crocheting, choose yarns in lighter colors. It’s easier to see the point and identify errors.

The round in circles wall hanging pattern is available from Yarnspirations. In addition to the step-by-step guide, list of materials, measurements and abbreviations to make the piece, you will learn how to make the fringes that accompany the wall hanging, an optional part. It is a beautiful gift option for dear friends to decorate their home.

It can also be a great item to sell, everyone loves having their home very cozy and decorated. We hope this pattern inspires you to make the most beautiful pieces. We are here to listen to you, so leave your opinion and suggestions here in the comments. We will love to read everything!