Sherpa Coat Crochet – Free Pattern

Hello dear friends! Let’s learn how to make that cozy piece that can’t be missed in our wardrobe, the Sherpa Coat. This is that coat that protects you from the cold, guarantees a very beautiful look and you can do it yourself. Crochet pieces are on the rise in the fashion world, bringing a handmade touch to looks of different styles.

It is an extremely versatile piece. The choice of colors, the type and thickness of the lines and the stitches used can make amazing models to wear in winter. Are you thinking of making your own crochet coats? Know that you don’t need to be an expert in this manual art to produce amazing pieces for your looks.

If you’re looking for coat ideas, this one is awesome. The hardest part for me is choosing the yarn. There are so many beautiful options that you can find craft stores. It’s hard to choose one to make the coat. If you’re like us, you’ll want to buy several and make lots of pieces. As it is a coat for colder days, choose lines that are warmer.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Mama in a Stitch

One of the greatest qualities is that in addition to the coat, you learn to make the pocket and hood as well. A very complete one for you to escape the cold. The complete pattern is available from Mama in a Stitch. There you have all the step by step, video tutorial, and the list of materials. If you need to change sizes, it’s not difficult.

Do you have questions when choosing the line? Take advantage of the pattern suggestion, a yarn all work that makes a difference in your piece. Take the opportunity to tell us how it was to make this piece. It’s a great option to gift to friends too, they will be very happy and warm. Separate everything and let’s crochet!