Stash It Basket – Free Pattern

We always have something to organize and the lack of places is constant in our organizations. With that in mind, we brought you the Stash It, a quilted basket that you can make at home. These baskets are perfect to help us find or leave things on a daily basis. They are widely used in bedrooms, living room, office, bathrooms.

For me, one of the most interesting uses is to store children’s toys. You can make baskets much bigger, to fit more toys, and use fabrics with children’s themes, which encourage children to learn to store things there. If you have a room to make your crafts, it can be a great option too. Make a basket to keep the needles, pins, scissors, tape measure.

Nothing better than finding the things we need in an organized way. In the bathroom, store items such as toilet paper, cotton jars, cotton swabs. In offices, in addition to magazines, we always have many notebooks, a pen and the basket is one of the most suitable items for this. Use fabrics that match the decor of the room, highlight your work and show where the items should be.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

After doing the first ones, you will see that it is not difficult, but very useful. The complete stash it pattern is available at All People Quilt. It has the measurements of all cuts, fabric suggestions, colors and prints, and diagrams of the piece’s assembly. We hope that this will be another very successful piece in your studio.

Whether for sale, to give as a gift to dear friends or to use at home, I’m sure everyone will love it. Don’t forget to tell us what you think and what it was like to make this beautiful basket. We are here, looking forward to reading everything.