Bunny Wall Hanging – Crochet Pattern

With Easter approaching, we’ve already started thinking about decorating the house to be perfect for the date, so we brought the Bunny Wall Hanging. This super friendly bunny will win you over. It is a piece full of details, which only enrich the pattern. You can choose the colors according to the decor.

This pattern can be leveraged for other projects as well. Just remove the straps that hold the piece to the wall. this way you will have a bunny that can be used as table toppers or placemats. Special dates require special decorations, which is why these pieces are so important. If you are like me, each event has a different decoration.

Even more so when we are the ones making the pieces. We already started to prepare months before the day, and we decorated all the possible items. Easter is that date that children love and is an opportunity to gather all the family and dear friends. So don’t skimp on projects. Take advantage of what you already do or are starting to practice the crochet technique and invest in handmade pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: DIYfashionhub

In addition to being unique pieces, you can gift friends, it’s a piece that can be washed, which last a long time. Details can be made with yarn scraps you have saved from other projects. You will need the following materials: crochet hook, yarn, black embroidery thread, wooden or plastic stick, beads. The complete pattern is available from DIYfashionhub. In addition to the step by step, you will find the video tutorial.

So, you can do the work together with the artisan. It’s always great to have you here, learning new techniques and new patterns. We were very happy to read your opinion and what it was like to do the play, so let us know in the comments. Shall we crochet?