Christmas Granny Square Blanket – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Have you started to feel the Christmas atmosphere there too? Around here, our team is already inspired, looking to bring new ideas that make this date even more special than it already is. Stay here with us to learn how to make the Christmas Granny Square Blanket. Christmas is one of the most awaited dates, both by businesses and families. The feeling of this date takes care of everyone and we want to leave the environment cozy and decorated to welcome the people we love.

The decoration of the house cannot go unnoticed. Decoration ranges from more traditional items, such as garlands, Santas, Christmas tree, to items that we can make ourselves, such as this beautiful blanket that we are going to learn today. If you, like us, love to crochet, you will love to dedicate some time to this project. 

It’s a beautiful pattern, full of details that make it more delicate and charming. The blanket is a piece that we are used to putting in our decor and this one will look beautiful decorating your living room or other environment. This pattern is done in stages, one granny square at a time. The details are also made separately and then sewn into the blanket.

Christmas Granny Square Blanket Pattern

If you already have a little practice in crocheting, you are already used to the materials that are needed. We separate the list of materials below. For you who are used to crocheting, have already done other projects and have a yarn left over, you can use it in the details, in the smaller items.

  • Skeins of yarn in the colors you prefer;
  • Crochet hook;
  • Tapestry needle;
  • Scissors;
  • 8 small buttons in different colors & thread and needle for attachment (for gingerbread man appliques);
  • 40 (6mm) safety eyes (can be substituted with sewing eyes on with black yarn if preferred).

This pattern is not the simplest, but those who are starting can take a chance on the first stitches. You can read the pattern a first time before starting to crochet, and we recommend that you do so. The granny square blanket christmas pattern is separated into parts and available in Maris Blue Crayon.

Read part 1, crochet and continue like this until you complete the blanket. And if you’re thinking of guaranteeing an extra income at the end of the year, themed pieces always sell very well and are in high demand before and during the month of festivities. Whatever your goal, let’s crochet!