Christmas Tree with EZ Yarn – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties, we know it’s October, but around here we can’t stop thinking about one of the most awaited dates of all years, Christmas. Preparing the house for Christmas is one of the favorite activities of many people. There’s nothing like seeing the streets with houses lit up and full of Christmas decorations. What if you made some items? A Christmas Tree with Blanket EZ Yarn is pretty awesome. 

An item that cannot be missing from your decor. It is very simple to make and you will be surprised by the beauty of this decoration item. The date already comes with a lot of meaning. It’s time to reflect, make new plans, set new goals and stay with people who really do us good. Keeping your best feelings in mind, there’s no way a craft you make won’t look wonderful. 

And don’t think that it takes a lot of investment to have a beautiful decoration. The Christmas tree that we are going to learn today can be used to decorate the entrance of the house, in the hall, on the dining table, combining with other items. You’ll see that creativity won’t be a problem once you start. 

Christmas Tree Pattern

For this pattern you will not need to know how to crochet, knit or quilt. And believe me that, with only the four materials described below, you will make beautiful trees.

  • Bernat Blanket-EZ Yarn;
  • 4.8″ x 11.9″ Foam Cone;
  • Sewing Pins;
  • Scissors.

The most important thing is the yarn you will choose, it is what will make all the difference in the tree. For a more voluminous tree, use pattern-like yarns. And so that the foam cone doesn’t appear, the thicker yarns are perfect, because you won’t spend so much yarn and the tree will be very voluminous, amazing. The pattern model, available in CAAB Crochet, has no details other than the tree. But you can add balls, star on top, and set up a scene with the rest of the objects. It’s a great option to sell, themed items are in great demand, or to gift friends who also love to decorate their home. Come back and tell us what you think, we are very happy to exchange experiences with you.