Crayon Box Cushion – Crochet Pattern

Hi! Ready for another week with lots of crochet and art? We’ve already separated this week’s schedule and we’re going to start learning how to renovate our home decor with the Crayon Box Cushion. This cushion has a very beautiful pattern, with very strong and vibrant colors. It is that piece that catches the attention of anyone who enters the environment.

Cushions are an example of how something cheap can completely transform the face of a room. Colors, models, formats, textures. The options are many! And how about if they are crochet? You can sew with the preferred stitch, with the thread that you think is the most beautiful and with the desired color.

The best alternatives for making cushions are cotton thread, twine and knitted yarn. Do not forget that the needle is not always the same. For each thread, a type of needle. When shopping, ask for help choosing the best needle for the job. In addition to being an easy and fun project to do, you can use it as an excuse to finally put the technique into practice and refine your manual skills.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: We Crochet

Do it while traveling, while watching the news or at leisure. Gather threads and needle and get to work. The complete Crayon Box Cushion pattern is available from We Crochet. There you have the thread suggestion, list of materials and the complete step by step to guide you in this project. I’m sure it will be a success.

These pillows are a great option for gifting loved ones. It is a useful and very cozy gift. Take the opportunity to make different colors, each combination a different decoration for the environment. We are very happy to have you here to learn a lot of handicrafts together. Don’t forget to say what you think of the pattern, how it was made and how it turned out in your decoration. Let’s crochet!