Drawstring Makeup Bag – Crochet Free Pattern

We always need another bag to organize our day to day, and thinking about leaving our makeup organized, let’s learn how to make the Drawstring Makeup Bag. When we think about the number of crochet pieces we can make, a multitude of options come to mind. It is one of the most versatile handcrafts, providing us with pieces that last a long time.

Crochet is not a very difficult manual craft, there are stitches and patterns that are easier for beginners. When we practice every day, we become more experienced, more creative and confident to start making bigger and harder pieces. The drawstring makeup bag is not difficult, I’m sure that following the pattern you will be able to do it.

It’s the perfect type of pattern to gift to friends, make to sell and have in your portfolio. We always need a bag, there is always something that is out of place and if we need to take it somewhere, this is the perfect bag. You can make any colors you want. If you have any yarn left over, you can take the opportunity to make a detail in the drawstring bag.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: CAAB Crochet

It’s great to carry in your bag too, it’s much easier to find the objects you want. The pattern is available in CAAB Crochet, and the materials you will need are as follows: Size 5 Yarn (1 ½ skeins of Fair Isle Sutton Yarn in Beach. Roughly 180 yards), US J10/ 6 mm Crochet Hook, yarn needle and scissors. The yarn is a suggestion, do what you like best.

We hope this pattern will be useful to you, inspire you to continue with this wonderful technique. We are here to encourage you and bring you things that inspire you every day. If you want to tell us in the comments how it was done, we will be very happy to read it, as well as other artisans who can be inspired by your experience. Let’s crochet together!