Easy Pocket Crochet Cardigan – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Let’s make that cozy piece that is present on all the coldest days, the easy pocket crochet cardigan. A cozy coat that hugs you on the coldest days to make you very comfortable, like a hug. The pattern also teaches you how to make a pocket, an essential piece in winter. Whether it’s to warm your hand, take objects, after we get used to a pocket, it’s hard to be without.

When we choose the yarns to make the patterns, we are always in doubt because we have many beautiful options. Choose the ones that you like the most. If you are new to crocheting, choose lighter yarns because it is easier to identify if you made any mistakes when crocheting. If you already have a little more practice and want to make yarn combinations, it will look great too.

The cardigan gives an extra charm to the look, makes us more elegant. It looks great with leggins, jeans. On milder days, with shorts and skirts too, it’s a knockout. If you still don’t have a cardigan in your wardrobe, now is the time. You’ll see how it’s a piece that matches everything, you won’t want to take it off your body.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: For The Frills

Here, one is not enough, I need to have at least three different colored cardigans. It’s the perfect piece to gift to dear friends. When we know the taste we can try different and vibrant colors, but if you want to stay with the classic, gray and black cardigans are very welcome. The easy pocket crochet cardigan pattern is available at For The Frills. In addition to the step by step, yarn suggestions and important tips, you have access to different sizes.

Measure and choose the best size for you before starting to crochet. Read the entire pattern and understand before starting. I hope you like this piece and get inspired to make a lot of cardigans. It’s a classic piece, always a hit. We hope to be able to read what you thought of the pattern and what it was like to make it, say it here in the comments. We are very happy to see you here, soon we will be back with more exciting patterns.