Fabulous Fall Throw – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey loves! Good to see you here once again. We were a season apart and coming back here and meeting you again is priceless. But don’t think that we left our crafts aside, we searched and tested many patterns and we are ready to share all this with you. Let’s start with the Fabulous Fall Throw which, just like the name, is a fabulous blanket. Colorful and with a very beautiful design, it will be impossible not to fall in love and want to start crocheting right away.

The crochet blanket is more fashionable than ever. And much of this popularity is due to the scandinavian style that, among other things, preaches a warm, cozy and inviting decor. The crochet blanket for sofa is a great trick for those who want to preserve the fabric of the sofa or hide small defects, such as a stain or a tear. The blanket can still guarantee that extra comfort when you throw yourself on the couch for a read or to watch a movie.

If you don’t want to keep the blanket stretched out on the sofa all the time, provide a hamper and put the blanket there whenever it’s not in use. When choosing the blanket, take into account the style and color palette of your room. A very common way to use the crochet blanket is to cover the bed. You can do this in two ways: with just a strip at the base of the bed or by stretching the blanket completely. At bedtime, just throw the blanket over and warm up.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

Fabulous Fall Throw Pattern

Regardless of the environment, to have a quality blanket we need to use quality materials. Choose yarns that are delicious, soft and pleasant to the touch. The thickness of the yarn changes the result of your crochet a lot, both in texture and in size, keep that in mind. This blanket is not the easiest, but it is a repetition of blocks. Once you learn how to do the first one, you’ll see how it gets a little easier.

Choose different colors and assemble the sequence of blocks as you like. Following all the instructions, you will end up with a fabulous fall throw measuring approximately 53 ½ x 63” [136 x 160 cm]. If you need a bigger or smaller blanket, it’s easy, increase or decrease the number of blocks. All this is described in Yarnspirations. If you have any doubts or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Now, time to crochet!