Men’s Cabled Golf Cap – Crochet Pattern

Today we’re going to make them a gift too, the Men’s Cable Golf Cap. A very beautiful pattern, with beautiful details and well structured. The model can very well be used by women too, if you like the pattern, feel free to add it to your looks. To maintain the structure of the cap, the yarn cannot be too thin.

For colder days and if you don’t like to use squeegees, it’s a great solution. Take a risk in choosing colors. Darker tones generally work best in men’s items, black, gray, brown, military green, navy blue. They are great colors that go with all looks. The cap size of the pattern is 23″ head, if you think you need to change the size, it is not difficult.

But first, we recommend you to follow the pattern with the same sizes. Sometimes we can be wrong, even more with parts like caps. The yarns also fit as we use them, so don’t say a much bigger size, it may be that the piece is too big. I don’t know what your relationship with crafts is like, but for me it’s like it’s my moment, my therapy. If it’s like that for you too, put on a lively song that inspires you, a movie, and start crocheting.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Moogly Blog.

The dedication and love that we put into a job is visible in the result. Evolution in crafts comes with practice, so practice a little every day. Use a yarn you already have at home to test the stitches, do it, undo it, do it again. The crochet technique is thus, a constant evolution. The complete men’s cabled golf cap pattern is available on the Moogly Blog.

It has the list of materials needed, yarn suggestions and sizes. Read and understand the whole pattern before you start doing it, because if you have any doubts, you can solve it. The standard pdf is also available on the website.

We hope you are inspired and want to keep evolving to make more and more beautiful pieces. We are here to listen to you, your opinions and suggestions. It is always a great pleasure to welcome you here, so that together we can continue to make wonderful crafts. Shall we crochet?