Off The Shoulder Crop Top – Crochet Pattern

Crochet clothes never go out of style, do they? Whether in any season of the year, it is possible to use a crochet piece, however simple it may be. The crochet top is the touch of subtlety, beauty and naturalness of any look. It can be used in different occasions and temperatures. As a result, it has been gaining more space on the streets and in closets, showing diversity in shapes, sizes and colors.

The models are incredibly charming and the personalized ones are highlighted through who makes and who uses them. Because it is made of crochet, the cropped or top becomes more casual and natural, but in addition to conveying simplicity, crochet is rich in details. One of the most present pieces in wardrobes are cropped and tops.

Therefore, learning how to crochet a top step by step is always a good idea for anyone who wants to make a piece with this technique. In today’s pattern, the charm of the piece is the sleeve. You can wear it in two ways, more fall or right on top of the shoulders. I’m sure you’ll want to have some in some colors. It is a casual piece and at the same time full of elegance.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: For the Frills

When choosing yarn, choose ones that are not as warm as wool. Flowy yarns are perfect for the off the shoulder top crop. If you want to add details such as crochet flowers, rhinestones, it will give a personalized touch to the piece, leaving it your way. Perfect gift for those friends who also like a beautiful top.

The off the shoulder top crop is available at For the Frills, with step by step, material list, photos and size. The step-by-step photos always helped me to check if I was doing everything right, I hope they help you too. Take advantage of this pattern to practice more and make beautiful pieces for yourself, to sell and to give as gifts. Tell us here in the comments how it was and inspire other artisans to keep crocheting. May we have an inspired, productive and craft-filled week.