Carpenter’s Wheel Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Hi everyone! How is everything there? Did you have a good week? I am very happy to be back here after this time. It’s great to meet you again and know that the passion for crafts continues. If you’ve made goals for the new year, I hope you have quilting as one of them. With that in mind, we brought Carpenter’s Wheel to learn today. Look how beautiful and colorful it is.

A block quilt that could very well become a quilt. Increasing the edge, making a different and bigger bar, you will have one more way to use it. This is another technique that, like the others, requires a little study before starting to practice. Reading the pattern the first time, knowing the best types of fabric, models that can help you practice. It is for this and more that we are here with you.

Our community gains a lot when we share ideas, tips. We help spread our art and make it increasingly valued. Whether for you, to gift loved ones or to sell and guarantee extra money, stay here with us. When choosing fabrics, regardless of colors and prints, always choose quality fabrics to ensure that you will have a comfortable, soft piece that will last longer, if taken care of.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Jordan Fabrics

Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern

When cutting fabric, always measure twice and cut once. This will avoid measuring mistakes. When making appointments, instead of buying marker pens, how about using soap? Keep soap slivers for the best, washable way to mark fabric. Easy, economical, does not stain and is sure to be at home. If you are in doubt when choosing combinations between prints, choose prints from a collection of one designer.

These fabrics were designed to go together. If you already have a lot of fabric lying around, how about repurpose an old dresser into a great storage cabinet in your sewing room? Here it was like this, the only way to keep everything organized. Now that we know the basics, how about starting to quilt? You’ll find the Carpenter’s Wheel pattern at Jordan Fabrics. Come on, let’s quilt!