Feathered Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everyone! How about closing the week with a new quilt? Come learn how to make the Feathered Star Quilt together with us. It’s so nice when a piece is ready, but don’t forget that the process also has to be nice. Have fun doing crafts, relax, talk to yourself, put on lively music. Enjoy, after all you are dedicating time, money and all your attention. Have you been a quilter for a long time?

There are so many beautiful models that we find that it is difficult not to want to sew a little every day. Today we want to focus on fabric types, do you know how to choose the right one for your quilt? Fabrics are the backbone of our quilts, but you might be surprised how many people begin to assemble their first quilt without putting fabric characteristics to work for them.

It’s much easier to make a quilt once you understand how to care for your fabrics and why quilting patches are cut using specific guidelines. You needn’t buy the most expensive fabrics but there’s also no need to waste hours making a quilt with thin fabric that won’t hold up during use and when it is washed. Most beginning quilters wonder if they should prewash their quilting fabrics before cutting them into pieces and using the pieces in a quilt.

Feathered Star Quilt // Crafts of the Mommy

Feathered Star Quilt Pattern

It’s a topic with no absolute answer because everyone has a different opinion about prewashing. I like to prewash, even more so if using cotton fabric. Some cotton fabrics bleed, which means the dyes become loose in the wash. Bleeding dyes can stain sections of other fabrics during prewashing, but they’re an even bigger problem when they transfer dyes onto patches in a finished quilt.

The fabric can also shrink. Quilters sometimes intentionally use unwashed fabrics to assemble a quilt because the puckers left over after the first wash give the quilt a vintage appearance. If vintage isn’t the look you’re going for, however, it’s best to prewash and preshrink your fabrics. Did you already know these tips? Tell me here in the comments. And come learn the Feathered Star Quilt with us.