Lattice Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello sweeties! Today we’re going to learn another pattern that you can’t help but start sewing right now, the Lattice Baby Quilt. Baby quilts are very welcome by moms. They are very useful, whether to cover the baby or decorate the room. This pattern is beautiful and easy to make. From simple, straight cuts, you don’t need a lot of practice or a lot of fabric.

You may notice that the prints and colors chosen are very different, but at the same time they match very well. Many people are a little afraid to combine colors and prefer to diversify the tones of the same color. This is a great option too. You can start by making combinations in pastel tones, without many prints and with more childish themes.

Go slowly, practice and patterns will teach you how to combine. If you already know how to decorate the baby’s room, choose colors that match or that are already present, you can’t go wrong. The details that complement the colored squares are white. So don’t forget to wash the fabrics before assembling the quilt. White fabrics can be easily stained.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Diary of a Quilter

Any excess paint that the colored fabric releases go straight to the fabric on the side, the white. By washing you can avoid this. After ironing, the fabric is straight and ready to sew. If you don’t iron, it’s harder to keep the seam straight.

The complete lattice baby quilt pattern is available in Diary of a Quilter, with the step-by-step, measurements, diagram and tips to make that perfect quilt. Take the opportunity to gift a friend who is becoming a mother. She will feel all the love and affection transmitted by the piece.

We hope you like and enjoy this quilt pattern very much. Don’t forget to tell us here in the comments how it was done and what you think. We love to read your opinion and know what you want to see here. Separate materials? Time to start quilting!