Liberty Love Quilted Placemat – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! A well-set table makes all the difference when serving a meal, whether for our family or to welcome dear friends on a special date. So today we are going to learn how to make the liberty love quilted placemat. Placemats are a set and can be the main part of the table set composition.

The dishes, the tablecloth and other elements must be harmonized with it. In the composition of the table, you can mix prints, stripes and colors that match the rest of the decoration of the occasion. It also brings an extra bonus: in addition to beautifying the table, giving an air of ritual to the moment, it also helps to protect the surface of your tablecloth.

It even helps protect your table from scratches, heat marks or liquids and delimits where guests should sit. Colors are completely optional, do what you like best. Think about the crockery you have, the glasses and cutlery and imagine the combination, see photos of tables ready to be inspired and be creative. It is a perfect gift to give to loved ones, family members.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Polkadot Chair

You can make kits with four or six units, they will love it. The complete patttern is available in Polkadot Chair, with measurements, cutting and assembly instructions, fabric and color suggestions. Cut all pieces and assemble before starting to sew. So you already check if you have all the pieces and if the colors and prints match together.

We hope this pattern will be another inspiration for you. Take the opportunity to create new pieces, new patterns for sale and continue to make beautiful crafts. It’s always a joy to have you here, willing to learn new techniques and help other artisans. Hope we all have a great, productive and colorful rest of the week!