Quarter Log Block and Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How about learning some quilting tips? We separated a very beautiful and traditional pattern. With him you will learn sewing and quilting tips, to continue evolving and creating beautiful pieces. Come learn the Quarter Log Cabin Block and Quilt. It is a beautiful model that you will learn to make both, the block and possible assemblies to make the quilt.

Because with a block you can assemble the quilt in different ways and create unique pieces. And all this with little material, and materials that are easy to find. In addition, the combination of colors and prints is endless. You will always have a piece different from the other in some detail. Here you can take a little more risk in choosing fabrics.

You’ll choose three different main color strips, and two contrast/neutral strips. Set aside one main color strip. From the other 4 strips, sew together two pairs of main/contrast down the long side of the strips, and press open. Each quilt size needs an amount of fabric and in this pattern you will find it all. From the baby quilt to the large king size quilt.

Quarter Log Block and Quilt // Jelly Rolls Fabric

Quarter Log Cabin Pattern Tips

Whether you’re just getting started or are a quilting expert, it’s always a good idea to be looking for tips and tricks to add to your repertoire. In the beginning we don’t need to invest a lot, little by little we buy more materials. But a very interesting tip that is worth having from the beginning is the rotary cutter. Scissors aren’t always the best tool for cutting fabric. Get a rotary cutter to make trimming quilts faster. Different quilting techniques call for different sewing machine feet. You can use a quarter inch foot for sewing small seams and piecing together your quilt.

However, using a walking foot for your binding and heavier quilting will better feed the fabric through the machine. Remember that some settings change from one machine to another. Quilting can be tough, but no matter how many seams you need to rip just remember, nobody’s perfect. Have fun making the Quarter Log Cabin Block and Quilt available from Jelly Rolls Fabric. Let us know what you think in the comments and happy quilting!