Scrappy Trips Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everyone! Good to see you here. How is your week going? Producing a lot or coming back little by little, recovering the rhythm? I don’t know if it was like that there too, but here the weeks of celebrations went by very quickly. And now we are already finishing the first month of the year too, everything is flying by. But the important thing is to always leave time to relax, rest and be with the family. If you later want to quilt, come and learn Scrappy Trips.

This quilt is perfect for those of you who have a lot of scraps left over. Do you know when the patchwork box starts looking at you and overflowing with so much stuff? That’s how I discovered what an amazing pattern we can make with them. Large or small pieces, you will need strips to complete this quilt.

When I started quilting, whenever I saw these tiny squares I thought how absurd it must be to cut and sew each one of them. After reading some patterns, seeing new models, I understood that it is much simpler than I thought. After all, you must agree with me, strips are much more practical than small squares, right? Here is no different. Take the opportunity to play with colors and combinations.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quiltville’s

Scrappy Tips Pattern

As the quilt is very colorful and the pieces are not so big, not all of them will stand out. So you can take a little more risk. Even more so when we talk about patchwork, there are so many pieces that it is difficult to create many identical blocks. But here you do not need to repeat the same fabrics. I chose to do it very colorfully, reusing everything I had here at home. Don’t forget to go through the walkthrough. As there are several strips, excess fabric at the seams can end up getting in your way.

In these cases and in many others as well, the iron is your friend. Once you learn how to use it in different situations, you won’t abandon it anymore, believe me. Let’s start? Come and read the pattern at Quiltville’s. Read it a first time, paying attention and understanding everything the pattern asks for. Separate your materials, follow the instructions and make this beautiful quilt for yourself too. Then tell me what you think of Scrappy Trips.