The Feather Star Block Pattern

Hi everyone! You are most welcome here. It’s great to have your company. I am happy to know that you remember us when it comes to crafts. I like to bring many options to you. Even if you don’t do them all, I always recommend you to take a look at the patterns. There’s always an important tip that you can adapt to your pieces. The Feather Star Block is like that, a very beautiful model.

The pattern has a lot of valuable information, impossible not to take into account when quilting. Quilting is therapy, but it also requires a little patience. In the choice of fabrics, in the cutouts and in the assembly. I always advise you to quilt when you are well. You know those days when everything is not going well? Not the best time to quilt. For me simple errors occur and api I stress even more.

What was supposed to be a relaxing moment turns into torture. Leave the fabric aside, breathe and come back some time later. But since today is a beautiful day to learn and we are motivated, the feather star block is an excellent choice. Look how the colors and the choice of where each one goes makes a difference. This is amazing in quilting, with the same pattern it seems that we have completely different pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crafts of the Mommy

Feather Star Block Quilt Pattern

The feather star block was originally created by Navajo weavers in New Mexico, USA. Because it’s a block quilt, it can be used to make blankets, rugs, table runners and more. One more moment to be creative and imagine how to decorate the environment with it. Keeping the contrast, there’s no way not to look beautiful. Another thing you can do and it looks perfect is pillow covers.

With a block quilt you have a new pillow and can renew the decoration of the environment. Wassup let’s get started? You will find the pattern available at Crafts of the Mommy. See the step by step, read the instructions carefully. You will see how this makes a difference when quilting. Then just separate the materials and have fun. Come tell me what you think here in the comments. I want to know your ambitions too, what do you want to learn? Come on, let’s quilt.