Twirling Swirling Dance Free Pattern

Hi everyone! It’s great to have your company here. Knowing that you count on us when you want to learn a new model makes us very happy. That’s why we seek to bring a wide variety of models for you to choose from. And today it’s Twirling Swirling Dance turn. Another very amazing quilt pattern. Look what a beautiful effect the model has. I’m sure you looked at the pattern and already thought that they are very small cuts, that it will be a lot of work, but calm down.

Here you will get all the tips and you will understand how to quilt. It’s simpler than you think, believe me. Much of this effect is due to the chosen colors, that’s true. Color contrast makes a lot of difference. Not all pieces are like that, but in this one you need to choose the fabrics carefully. I always say that, when in doubt, try to replicate what the designer of the piece did.

Choose very similar colors that your result will be just as amazing. Following the instructions, in the end you will have a piece of approximately 48” x 48”. Here it is more difficult to increase the pattern. What you can do is duplicate or use it as the center of your quilt. Make a wider border, which complements the size you need, with colors and prints that match.

Twirling Swirling Dance Supplies

Here we separate the list of supplies you will need. They are basic and well-known materials for those who already quilt. If this is your first contact with quilting, the materials are very easy to find. In craft stores we have many options. And always ask when you have any questions, so you are more confident that you will have exactly what you need.

  • Cream 3/4 yard;
  • Navy 2 1/4 yards;
  • Print 3/4 yard;
  • 52” x 52” batting;
  • 52” x 52” backing;
  • rotary cutter;
  • rotary mat;
  • rotary rule;
  • thread to match.

You will also need an iron. Successful pressing is an important step in creating a well-crafted quilt so invest in a super-hot steam iron. It is much easier to quilt that way. Come see the pattern available in Delightful Piecing. Read a first time, separate the materials. If you feel that you have any doubts, read it again. Then it’s just off to the fun part, quilting!