Vintage Daydream Neighborhood – Free Pattern

Every time we set the table to have a family meal, we are happier and we show all our affection for them. Thinking about brightening these moments, the table runner’s patterns are there to help us. Vintage Daydream Neighborhood is one of my favorite table runners. It was very successful here at home and I’m sure it will be at your house too.

It is a very delicate pattern, full of details that will delight everyone. Children find it amazing and even play and distract themselves at mealtime, creating stories and hobbies. The appliqués made on the table runner have the same pattern as the edge of the piece. Buy the fabric thinking about all these details you want to make.

But feel free to change, choose the colors of your preference and according to the decoration of the environment. Take the opportunity to match the crockery, bowls, cutlery. Some cuts in the pattern are smaller, which can be a little more difficult to make. Cut out the bigger ones first, so if anything goes wrong, you can take advantage and make the smaller ones.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Flamingo Toes

Make the adaptations you prefer in the size of the houses. This template you can use to adapt to other pieces, quilts, placemats. The vintage daydream neighborhood pattern is available at Flamingo Toes, with all the information, material list, color and fabric suggestions, and measurements you will need.

We hope that this table runner will cheer up the meetings around the table in your house. It is also a great gift option for families that we have a special affection for. If you want to tell us here in the comments how it was, we will be very happy to read it and I’m sure it will inspire many artisans. May we have a joyful week and create art!